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Anyone interested in searching for necessary information on arrest warrants or arrest records in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, should first consider a few things about the official issuing procedure. Before local law enforcement officers can start to search for the individuals in question, the warrants must first become active. This requires a sitting judge to thoroughly analyze all of the evidence brought to the police officers’ court of law. The judge must find a probable cause that is plausible enough for an arrest warrant to be issued. Once they do, they may issue the warrant.

Upon signing the warrant, the officers who brought the evidence may begin the search, detention, and incarceration of the people whose names are listed on the warrant. The search and incarceration process’s duty falls on the local police department’s shoulders in Allegheny County. Provided it is not correctly executed on time, or if the person being charged cannot be found, it will become an outstanding warrant of arrest.

In some cases, a person or persons may have an outstanding warrant issued in their name without knowing it. In this case, they can personally find this information and prevent a possible unexpected arrest in the future. However, the Sherriff’s office does not disclose any information regarding warrants over the phone, so an individual must personally go to the office located in the Allegheny County Courthouse, Room 111. The most wanted criminals in Allegheny County can be found at this link

Over 300,000 crimes were reported from 1999 to 2008 in Allegheny County, PA, and about 15 percent of them were listed as violent. Around 35,000 crimes occur yearly in this county, and almost 50% of them occur less than a mile from the victims’ home. Every 900 seconds, someone falls victim to a crime, a rape, or a theft. More than 33,000 motor vehicle thefts have occurred here, less than one thousand murders, and more than 2,000 rapes.

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