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When seeking a warrant, the Armstrong County sheriff’s department is also expected to follow the legally prescribed procedure laid down as per the statute of limitations. The process to seek a warrant starts once the law enforcement agency compiles all case-related facts into a writ.

This is presented in court for the consideration of the sitting magistrate. However, sometimes the evidence available in the case is not enough to establish probable cause. In this case, two recourses are available:

  • The magistrate may refuse to grant a warrant.
  • Witnesses and the victim can be called on to strengthen the case and ensure that probable cause exists.

A signed document issued through this procedure is called an active arrest warrant, and through the use of this instrument, a person can be taken into custody regardless of time and place.

If ever an active arrest order cannot be executed, it is not recalled. Instead, the document is stored in an electronic format under a distinct category called outstanding arrest warrants. Law enforcement agencies can exclusively access the FBI database that houses criminal history records.

So, suppose you are wondering about the possible involvement of an acquaintance in illicit activities. In that case, the only way to get the information you want is to approach the local sheriff’s department. Their office in Armstrong County, Indiana, is located at 500 E Market St, Kittanning, Pennsylvania 16201. Calling them on 724-548-3265 is also possible, but this communication form will not work for a warrant search.

A look at the crime statistics for Armstrong, IN reveals that there has been a marginal growth of about 15% in the overall rate of crime. In terms of the number of incidents, this translates to a rise of a little eight incidents, which increased the annual figure of violent crime to 48 in 2008 from the 40 cases lodged in 2001.

Over this interval, a total of 2600 plus occurrences of crime were reported in the area, which brings the annual figure of anti-social incidents to just about 300. The rate of violent felonies like murder and rape remain surprisingly low at around 15 and 2 incident reports filed over the nine years. Over 50% of all criminal instances that take place in the area have a startling similarity; they all occur when the victim is no more than a mile from his workplace or residence.

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