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Before initiating a search for arrest warrants in Beaver County, PA, it is necessary to first understand what an arrest warrant is and how exactly it functions in the state of Pennsylvania.

First of all, a warrant of arrest exists in order to serve as an extension of the state’s law authorities to an individual county. This warrant allows the respective county, in this case Beaver County, to use its law enforcement employees to apprehend and incarcerate the citizens named by the respective warrant. Arrest warrants are issued by a sitting judge in Beaver County once he or she is convinced by the evidence provided by the local police that an individual is likely responsible for a particular crime. Once the judge signs off on the request, it will turn into an active warrant. Outstanding warrants are active warrants that have lost their legal force due to the fact that they have not been fulfilled by the law enforcement officers in the County.

This link here*session*id*key*=*session*id*val* allows you to initiate your search for arrest records in Beaver County with a list of the most wanted criminals here. (Included is information such as pictures, a physical description, the last known address or location of the individuals and the crimes they are being accused of.) Another search option may be found online for a more thorough search of the county’s criminal records.

According to official statistics, a person falls victim to a crime in Beaver County, Pennsylvania every 240 minutes. Around 1.7 percent of these crimes are murders, 6.24 percent are rapes and around 58 percent are car thefts. Half of the total number of crimes that occur here on a yearly basis (more than 2,000 total) take place less than one mile from the dwelling of the victims. At a larger scale, according to official crime statistics, there were more than 20,000 crimes recorded between 1999 and 2008.

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