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For a legal arrest to occur, it must first become active in the court of law. This happens when a sitting judge decides the police have brought enough evidence for probable cause to be found and an arrest warrant to be issued against a person’s name.

The Berks County, Pennsylvania Warrant Division is responsible for handling all active warrants of arrest, outstanding warrants, and bench warrants in the county and Pennsylvania. The apprehension of fugitives located within the county, or the enforcement of probation and parole warrants of arrest, is also part of this particular division’s responsibilities. This link here comprises the most wanted criminals in the Berks County (with photographs included as their physical traits, last known address, and the crimes they are wanted for).

You could also run a criminal background investigation, do a Berks County, PA warrant search, or search for arrest records by following this link To access this type of service, a fee is required. Here, you can also find information on traffic offenses, misdemeanors, felonies, registered sex offenders, and more.

With approximately 90,000 total crimes having occurred in Berks County, PA during 1999-2008, out of which more than 11,000 were reported as violent, this County has witnessed a gradual increase in crime. There are close to 9,000 crimes occurring here each year, and almost 50 percent of all of these crimes take place less than a mile from the victim’s home. Every hour, someone falls victim to a crime, rape, or theft in this county, and there are more than 150 homicides, 550 rapes, and 60,000 robberies reported every year.

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