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A Bradford County, PA active arrest warrant does not compromise the accused’s rights, but it does provide law enforcement officials the legal cover they require to make an arrest promptly. For example, with an arrest warrant, the police can enter the home or the accused’s workplace to take him/her into custody.

Under normal circumstances, this would only be possible if somebody were to dial 911 with a complaint about some disturbance in the house of a neighbor and the police were to chance upon the crime as it was taking place. So, although a warrant has to be sought from a criminal court, it does afford more generous freedom to peace officers, and this is the sole reason why police often approach the judiciary for such a detention order.

The local sheriff’s department or a lawyer from the District Attorney’s office has to file a complaint in court on behalf of the victim. This is a written affidavit that contains all case-related facts gathered through the course of the investigation.

Although the evidence presented in the case does not have to be conclusive at this point, the proof has to be adequate to establish a probable cause. This condition has to be satisfied before the sitting magistrate turns the request into an order known as an active arrest warrant.

Because arrest warrants are only issued after due consideration to all the details about the incident, these orders never lose their power. If not executed, they are stored in an electronic format in a central repository of crime. The word outstanding is substituted for “active” in the legal terminology used for the order. So, all pending detention directives are called exceptional arrest warrants.

The Sherriff’s Department of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, should be contacted for all information on arrest records and outstanding warrants in the area. They can be reached through their head office at 301 Main Street, Towanda, Pennsylvania 18848.

You can also use the internet for a warrant search by filling the form above, which will give you access to a third-party collection of crime data from across the country.

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Crime Statistics for Bradford County, Pennsylvania

A few over 1700 criminal complaints were handled by the Sheriff’s Office of Bradford County in 2018, which put the annual crime average at a level 15% lower than that of 2017.  Of the complaints made, more than 1000 were filed against property crimes, while violent crimes led to the filing of fewer than 650 cases.

There has been a significant decrease of over 90% in Bradford’s crime figured during the ten-year interval from 1999 to 2008. While this has resulted in impressively low crime figures, an estimated 1200 criminal incident reports are still filed in the area each year. This means that from 1999 to 2008, almost 12,000 crimes occurred in the county; fortunately, less than 10% of these were violent felonies.

Robbery and theft were the only criminal categories that merited a second look at over 10,000 incidents reported during the decade.

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