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There are plenty of places that one can go to for an arrest warrant search in Cameron County, PA. From the local police to the state crime history information center and from the judicial network of the area to private establishments that mostly work online, all of these sources can be tapped into for details pertaining to arrest records and active warrants.

While the police and the magistrate’s court are involved in the issue of arrest warrants from Cameron County, the state crime history data center receives reports on all outstanding warrants and other case related details from judicial and law enforcement agencies all across the state of Pennsylvania.

What’s more is that their primary function is to disseminate this information for criminal justice and non criminal justice purposes. This means that not only the judiciary and the sheriff’s department but also civilians can get in touch with the agency for information on Cameron County arrests and active warrants.

Yet, when it comes to seeking local arrest records, it would be most convenient to drive down to one of the agencies mentioned ahead. Alternatively, you could access details on countrywide arrest warrant through third party establishments. To contact one such agency, use the form given above. For official inquiries, visit:

  • The sheriff: 20 E 5th St Crthse, Emporium, Pennsylvania 15834
  • The magistrate: 20 E 5th St, Emporium, PA 15834
  • The clerk of court:As above

Cameron County, Pennsylvania is one of the low crime neighborhoods of the state with annual incident averages well within the 50 case mark. Of the criminal reports filed each year, about 5% are against violent criminal acts. These figures may not raise concern at first.

However, the alarming part of the statistics does come into view when you pay attention to the fact that violent crimes have doubled in the last few years and there has been a growth of almost 50% in the rate of overall criminal activity.

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