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The dramatic increase of over 30% in the overall crime rate of Carbon County, IN should give you enough impetus to take precautionary measures. So, if you have never conducted background checks before, this would be a good time to start peeping into the past of new acquaintances before forging professional or social ties.

If a person has been arrested; the local police and the FBI database will have a mention of the crime that he was accused of and whether the matter went to trial and how it was disposed. This repository of nationwide records also contains information on all outstanding arrest warrants; these are detention orders which have not been served as yet.

Although the sheriff’s department has to go through a fair amount of trouble to petition the court for the procurement of a judicial arrest order, sometimes, warrants cannot be executed immediately. This is what leads to them being stored in the crime database.

At issue, all arrest orders issued in criminal cases are known as active arrest warrants. Only, the judge of a criminal court in Carbon County can issue such a directive, and he/she cannot do so unless all the facts pertaining to the incident are presented before the court in the form of a writ.

The prevalence of an arrest warrant against an individual is usually a fair indication of enough evidence against him/her to establish culpability. So, arrest records and a warrant search should certainly form a part of your background checks.

The Carbon County sheriff’s department is always happy to disseminate this information in the interest of public safety. Walk into their office located at The Courthouse, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania 18229 with an ID proof in hand and the last and first name of the subject of your inquiry.

Although the telephone number of the department (570-325-2821) is listed on their site, calling them will not help as they do not accept requests for warrant searches unless the applicant makes it to their office in person.

With almost 6000 crime reports filed in Carbon between 1999 and 2008, can you really be sure that the friendly person you met the other day was not one of the accused in these criminal incidents?

Each year, the police investigate at least 4 cases of sexual assault and over 400 incidents of theft and robbery. While the crime statistics for the county are not particularly worrisome, you can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your loved ones and your commercial interests. So, play it safe, and go in for background checks.

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