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Centre County, Pennsylvania, has similar laws for issuing arrest warrants like other counties in PA. The procedure involves the following: The local law enforcement officers need to use their techniques to gather sufficient evidence to present in front of a sitting judge in the county. The evidence needs to be strong enough to sustain the existence of a probable cause in the case. The sitting judge needs to put his or her signature on these warrants to make them active warrants. Therefore, a proper analysis of the probable cause needs to be completed by the judge before he or she can allow the local police to start looking for the suspect.

If you want to do a Centre County, PA arrest warrant search, you can start by visiting this link: http://www.co.centre.pa.us/drs/ to gain access to the latest database comprised of outstanding arrest warrants for free (name, last known address, the amount owed, and birth date included). In exchange for a fee that can be paid online, criminal arrest records can be found here: https://www.crimesmasher.com/default.aspx.

With more than 11,500 total crimes having occurred during the 1999-2008 time interval in Centre County, PA, this area has decreased the number of reported crimes over this period. Roughly 96 percent of all of these crimes were considered to be non-violent. Consequently, around 4 percent of all of these crimes were reported as being violent. More than 5,500 of the yearly crimes that transpire in this county happen less than one mile from the victims’ homes. Every seven hours, someone falls victim to a murder, rape, or car theft here. There are more than five murders, close to 100 rapes, and more than 200 car thefts.

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