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You can simply walk into the sheriff’s department that oversees the law and order situation in Clearfield County, PA if you want to do a warrant search. However, it would certainly help to understand a few key facts before you start going through the detailed crime history information report that you will be offered.

Crime information is offered in two scenarios:

  • Cases in which the accused has been arrested and tried
  • Incidents where the police sought a warrant and were granted the arrest order but could not arrest the individual in question.

When conducting a background check for personal or professional reasons, you should look for both types of crime history information reports.

In Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, an active arrest warrant is only issued by a criminal court after all facts pertaining to the occurrence have been carefully verified and analyzed by the sitting magistrate.

The purpose of this exercise, which begins with the submission of a formal complaint by the police departments, is to ensure that there is probable cause to pin the accusation on the individual in question.

All active directives for arrest which are not put into use are stored back in a nationwide system of crime data as outstanding arrest warrants.

Anybody interested in conducting a warrant search should start by visiting the Clearfield Sherriff’s Office which is situated on 1 North Second Street, Clearfield, PA 16830. Calling them on 814-765-2641 is not an option as they will not entertain queries relating to arrest records on the phone.

From 1999, every year, nearly 650 crimes were reported in Clearfield, so till the year 2008, almost 6500 criminal reports were filed in the area. The crime category graph for the county depicts that theft and robbery occured quite frequently with almost 5000 reported cases over the decade. On the other hand, rapes and murders came in fairly low at just around 50 and 4 occurrences overt the ten year period.

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