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If there is an active warrant from Clinton County, Pennsylvania, out in your name, you better have the matter resolved at the earliest unless you want to be arrested in the middle of the night from your home or even be taken into custody from your workplace.

It is imperative to understand that with an outstanding warrant in hand, the police have almost unrestricted powers to use any means necessary to bring the alleged offender into custody. The simplest way to deal with arrest warrants from Clinton County, Pennsylvania, is to ensure that there is such an order out in your name and then have your lawyer help you get a bail hearing.

Suppose the detention order issued against you is a bench warrant, common in civil matters and traffic violation cases. In that case, you can avoid arrest by merely posting the bail amount mentioned on the document. Remember that the police have to petition the court for active arrest warrants. This means they are bound to have all the information about these detention orders.

Unfortunately for people trying to give the law the slip, this data is accessible to police officers from across the nation, along with arrest records from Clinton County, PA. So, just because you no longer live in the county where the warrant was issued does not mean that you will never get arrested. It is often only a matter of time before a warrant gets you in serious trouble.

The best approach is to play it smart and find out about any arrest warrants in your name by using a third-party database of criminal records. You can access one by filling out the form above. Alternatively, you could get a family member or your legal representative to snoop around for you, albeit this will have to be done discreetly. The government agencies that can be approached for a warrant search are:

  • The police: 230 E Water St, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 17745.
  • The judiciary: 230 E Water St, Lock Haven, PA 17745.
  • The office of the clerk of court: Corner Of Water and Jay StreetLock Haven, Pennsylvania 17745.


Is there any way to get information about Clinton County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Call the local police Department if you want information on the arrests handled by them. You can connect with the following agencies:
  1. Lock Haven PD: 570-893-4070
  2. Pine Creek Township PD: 570-753-5672
  3. Mill Hall PD: 570-726-4597
  4. Lamar Township PD: 570-726-3070
  5. Renovo PD: 570-923-2268
  6. Porter Township PD: 570-398-0950
  7. Jersey Shore PD: 570-398-2146
  8. Old Lycoming PD: 570-323-4987
  9. Bellefonte PD: 814-353-2320
  • Call the Clinton County Jail if interested in an inmate search or details of recent arrests: 570-769-7680.
  • Call the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office if you are keen on a warrant search: 570-893-4070
  • Call the Records Division if you are interested in arrest records, criminal background searches,es or accident reports:
  • Call the non-emergency dispatch phone number if you are interested in general information:
  • Call the Clerk of Court if you are interested in a case search: 570-893-4007
  • Call the Victim Services Office if you are interested in victim’s assistance: 570-893-8353.


Crime statistics of Clinton County

While the crime rate of Clinton County appeared to be inching closer to the 500-incident mark in 2017, with a reported annual average of more than 450 incidents. Fortunately, the local police managed to halt this rise and even turn it the other way around in the following year.

Around 380 criminal complaints were filed in 2018. Of these, approximately 330 were property crimes, while a few over 50 were violent crimes.

Each year the police of Clinton County, PA, received nearly 350 criminal complaints. This works out to a total of almost 2800 incident reports lodged between 2001 to 2008. Of this cumulative figure, less than10% were attributed to violent crimes.

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