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People often live under the fallacy that a brush with the law that occurred an excellent decade ago must be long forgotten, and a warrant arising from such an event can no longer harm them. Unfortunately, they realize the folly of their assumptions only when men with badges and batons coming waving handcuffs in their face.

However, in most cases, there is no room for bargaining for the accused at this point. So, instead of putting yourself through this daunting experience, it would merely be prudent to check if there are any outstanding warrants out in your name.

Active arrest warrants issued in Crawford County, PA by the local criminal court never go out of effect. Yes, they stay active even after a decade, and it is only a matter of a run-in with the law, and all these records will be thrown back in your face.

Misdemeanor charges are not considered as serious as felonies. They hence may not result in a siege on your house, but you will get arrested if a trivial offense brings the existence of the warrant to the attention of a law enforcement officer.

On the other hand, for felony cases, an individual can be arrested and deported to the county which issued the warrant. One of the advantages of finding out about a warrant against you is that this gives you enough time to enlist an attorney’s help and plan a strategy to get this record expunged.

The court is also sympathetic towards people who surrender and don’t have to be hunted down by the cops. So, give yourself breathing space and initiate an inquiry to find out if any warrants have been issued in your name.,

Usually, a visit to the sheriff’s office at 903 Diamond Park Crawford Co Crthse, Meadville, Pennsylvania 16335 should do the trick, but if you have a warrant in your name, you will be arrested.

So, take the online route by filling the form above, which gives you access to an internet database of arrest records that can easily be used for a warrant search from all over the country.

If you need information on Crawford County recent arrest and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • In order to approach the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office with general law enforcement inquiries, use the dispatch phone line at 814-333-7411
  • In order to learn about arrests, contact the Crawford County Correctional Facility at 814-333-7300 ext 1816.
  • In order to inquire about a criminal case, call the PA State Police (Crawford Division) at (814) 663-2043 (if they are handling the case).
  • In order to connect with Victim/Witness Services, call 814-333-7455.
  • In order to request certified copies of judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court at 814-333-7442.

Crime Statistics for Crawford County, Pennsylvania

As compared to the 2017 crime average of 2,125 cases, the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office received around 1850 criminal complaints in 2018. The figure included 1200 criminal misdemeanors and around 650 felonies.

The crime scenario in Crawford, Pennsylvania, has slowly but steadily declined. If the trend continues, there is a genuine possibility of the crime figures burgeoning to well over 800 incidents per year from its current annual rate of 700 or so cases.

In hard figures, almost 30% of the crime rate has increased, putting the decade-long crime activity at over 7500 occurrences. Of these, nearly 80 were rapes, about 3 were instances of homicide, and over 6000 incidents were related to theft and robbery.

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