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An arrest warrant in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, needs to be signed by a sitting judge in the local court of law before it can be executed. A judge can place his or her signature on this document only when sufficient evidence has been brought to their knowledge. The evidence needs to suggest and undoubtedly indicate the presence of a probable cause.

Dauphin County, PA outstanding warrants are active warrants which have never been fulfilled because the police and the sheriff’s department have not managed to detain the person whom the warrant is against promptly.

For a list of the most wanted criminals in Dauphin County, PA, you could visit this link: http://www.dauphincounty.org/services/resources/crimestoppers_most_wanted.php to see if you are personally part of the official arrest records or if someone you know is. You should be able to find a list of the most wanted domestic-relations warrants here: http://www.dauphincounty.org/document_center/domesticrelations/DROwarrants.pdf. Unfortunately, none of these databases are exhaustive, so you will not be able to complete a thorough arrest warrants search and look closely into the arrest records that you might be interested in. However, to run a full criminal background check on you or someone else, you could contact the Clerk of Courts Office in Dauphin County, PA.

Is it possible to get information on Dauphin County arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • To learn about recent arrests- 717-780-6800
  • To know if a person is wanted on an outstanding warrant- 717-780-6590
  • To get in touch with Victim/Witness Assistance Program- 1-888-292-9611.
  • To get judicial records- 717-780-6530.

Crime Statistics for Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

A few over 10,100 criminal complaints were handled by the Sheriff’s Office of Dauphin County in 2018, which put the yearly total 14% lower than that of the previous year.  Of the complaints filed, more than 6,360 were filed against property crimes, while violent crimes led to the filing of fewer than 3,750 cases.

You might also be interested to know that between 1999 and 2008, there were no less than 63,000 total crimes reported in Dauphin County, PA. What is more alarming is that nearly 14 percent of all of these crimes were considered violent. More than 3,000 crimes happened less than a mile from the residences of the victims who were subjected to these offensive actions. Currently, a crime occurs less than every hour and a half here. There are more than 100 murders, nearly 3,500 car thefts, and over 600 rapes officially recorded each year in the area.

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