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When a sitting judge in Delaware County, PA, finds enough evidence to sustain a probable cause that a crime has been committed, he or she will immediately issue arrest warrants against the people believed to have committed the crime.

In most cases, these active warrants will maintain their force in-state as well as out-of-state. The local sheriff’s office is responsible for the capture and detention of these people, but if that fails to happen within a predetermined time frame, the warrants become outstanding warrants. Therefore, they will lose their legal force but will continue to be a part of a person’s official arrest records.

If you are interested in performing a search of any warrants issued in your name in Delaware County, the link provided here, will give you access to the public database. This database includes all the criminal records, including any warrant that may be connected to your name or that of someone you know. The search criteria include the first, middle, and last names of the person, any possible alias, gender, race, and identifying marks. The city and zip code of the person’s place of residence. This link also displays a list (photos included) of the most wanted criminals in the county currently fugitives.

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or details about warrants from Delaware County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Questions on recent arrests and inmate records: 610-361-3200, Ext 255
  • General questions for the Sheriff’s Office: 610-891-4296.
  • Arrest warrants related inquiries: 610-891-4370.
  • Questions pertaining to victim/witness assistance: 610-891-4227.
  • Inquiries about criminal court records: 610-891-4224.

Crime Statistics for Delaware County, Pennsylvania

The Delaware Sheriff’s Office got 15,700 criminal complaints in 2018, compared to the nearly 17,500 cases handled in 2017. The drop was mainly attributed to the reduction of almost 15% in property crime cases. Around 11,900 complaints were filed against property crimes while over 3,800 complaints were attributed to violent crimes.

As a side note, over 100,000 crimes were recorded in Delaware County between 1999 and 2008, and more than 20,000 of them were considered violent. Almost 5,000 of the 10,000 crimes occurring yearly take place less than a mile from the victim’s home. Every 50 minutes or so, a crime happens in Delaware County, which overall makes up more than 200 murders, over 9,500 motor vehicle thefts, and more than 800 rapes every year.

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