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It can be hard to access information on Elk County, Pennsylvania active warrants although details pertaining to criminals serving time in the state prisons and even the sex offenders living in the area are easily accessible to anybody who is looking for this data. In fact, often, the only recourse facing people interested in a warrant search is to visit a government office in search for this information.

Three state agencies that can be contacted for information on arrest warrants from Elk County, Pennsylvania are:

  • The county police: 240 Main Street, PO Box 448, Ridgway, Pennsylvania 15853
  • The local court that has criminal jurisdiction: 250 Main St, Ridgway, PA 15853
  • The county clerk’s department that hosts the database of court dockets: PO Box 314, Ridgway, Pennsylvania 15853

Applicants are expected to pay a small fee for initiating the search for outstanding warrants and arrest records of Elk County, PA.The search results are usually delivered almost instantly or in a matter of a few days.

Not only can you receive information about the criminal background of your subject through these sources but also you can find details on all civil suits filed in the area through the judicial entities listed above.

Court dockets are prepared and maintained by the office of the county clerk for criminal as well as civil cases and public applicants are allowed access to the database of these trial records. Similarly, the sheriff’s office can provide a list of the most wanted offenders along with general crime statistics and details on all outstanding warrants that remain to be served.

With a growth of over 30% in the rate of overall crime and an 11% rise in violent criminal incidents, the sheriff’s office of Elk County, PA gets at least 450 complaints every year. So, over the ten years period from 1999 to 2008, almost 4500 criminal incidents occurred in the area of which just about 8% were violent in nature.

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