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An arrest in Fayette County, Pennsylvania must be legally preceded by an arrest warrant. For an arrest warrant in Fayette County to be considered a valid one, a local sitting judge here needs to initially sign the warrant. Once this occurs, the warrant turns into an active warrant. In order words, the individual against whom the arrest warrant is issued will be searched by the police and consequently becomes liable for arrest the moment he is found.

If this fails to happen, similar to other counties in the state of Pennsylvania, these arrest warrants turn into outstanding warrants. Differently put, if the persons at whom the warrants are directed are not found in a timely manner by the local police, the warrants cannot be properly served and fulfilled.

Fayette County arrest records are to be partially found here: http://www.co.fayette.pa.us/CourtAdmin/Documents/Criminal%20BW%20List.pdf — you can find a list of the latest bench warrants that are constantly being updated on an as-needed basis. This link is going to provide you with a complete database of all of the warrants that are currently active in the state of Pennsylvania, Fayette included. Moreover, you should know that there are no online resources that can allow you to gain direct access to the local courthouse criminal records in Fayette County, so the general PA search should help you find what you are looking for.

For your information, close to 12,000 crimes have transpired between 1999 and 2008 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, out of which fewer than 1,000 were considered to be violent. With close to 1,200 crimes occurring on a yearly basis here, including around five murders, more than six dozen rapes, and around 9,000 robberies, the county witnesses a crime every seven hours. There are also more than 750 car thefts occurring here each year.

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