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Don’t expect to be able to conduct an arrest warrant search in Forest County, PA online. Given that state agencies are still against the idea of putting information about arrest records and active warrants on their websites, you will find it nearly impossible to launch a criminal history inquiry through the electronic channel.

Yes, there is one option if the idea of driving to a state agency office does not sit well with you. Try getting in touch with a private establishment. This website can be used to hook up with one such service that is both reliable and affordable. They gather information on Forest County outstanding warrants and arrests through justice agencies.

This is done for all the states in the country. So, when you conduct a warrant search through this agency, you will find details on arrest warrants from all over the nation issued in the name of your subject. Although this option is decidedly more convenient, the problem starts when you need to furnish a background report for official reasons.

For instance, suppose if a prospective employer has asked for this document, you will have to work with a state department as third party agencies cannot supply formal crime history reports. So for this, you can get in touch with one of the government departments listed further. If you would instead go with a private service, use the form above.

  • Law enforcement agency: 528 Elm St, Tionesta, Pennsylvania 16353
  • The county magistrate: 526 Elm Street, Box 3, Tionesta, PA 16353
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 423, Tionesta, Pennsylvania 16353

Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Forest County? (By 2021)           

  • To procure details on arrests and active warrants, dial 814-755-3541.
  • To request prisoner arrest records and convict information, call 814-621-2110.
  • To ask for judicial records, call 814-755-3526.
  • To get victim’s assistance, call 610-825-4902/ 814-728-3468 

Crime statistics of Forest County

In 2018, there was a drop of around 7% in the crime total of Forest County. The Sheriff’s Office handled around 75 complaints. Of these, the majority were property crimes at 50 plus cases. Around 20 complaints were attributed to violent crimes, a reduction of almost 20% compared to the annual average of the previous year.

Unfortunately, cases of sexual assault continued to be a problem for the police, with 11 complaints filed throughout the year, which was higher than the 10 cases filed against aggravated assault. Most complaints filed in the property crime category were attributed to larceny-theft (34 complaints) and burglary (14 complaints).

Forest County, Pennsylvania, has a higher crime index than that of the state. The figures are calculated as a percentage of 100,000 residents. While the state crime index is at 68, that of Forest stands at 82. Burglary has the highest occurrence rate, even higher than that of the country.


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