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When searching for arrest warrants in Franklin County, PA, you need to follow Pennsylvania regulations which include the same rules in all counties here. Active arrest warrants need to be first signed by a sitting judge in the court of law. For him to officially sign an arrest warrant, certain evidence needs to be brought to him by the local law enforcement officers who have handled the respective case. The evidence needs to be solid enough to build a valid case against the suspect. Once this happens, the police become responsible for the capture and incarceration of the respective suspect.

Franklin County, PA outstanding warrants also follow the same regulations as the rest of counties in Pennsylvania. Provided that the police do not manage to detain the suspect whose name is on the warrant, the legal document will automatically turn into an outstanding warrant. It will also become part of the official criminal arrest records in the county. If you are interested in performing a warrant search, you can check a complete list of the most wanted criminals on the sheriff website: When you are on the most wanted list page, make sure you first read all of the terms and conditions and then click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page. You can also ask for information on outstanding warrants by calling the Sheriff’s Department at 717.261.3877.

More than 12,000 crimes have been officially recorded in the criminal database in Franklin County, Pennsylvania between the years 1999 to 2008. The violent nature of more than 2,000 of these crimes was discovered and accordingly recorded. Plus, more than 600 crimes out of the total number of crimes that occur here each year transpire less than one mile from the homes of the victims. There are no less than three crimes happening here on a daily basis, and someone may fall victim to a murder, a rape, or a theft every seven hours. There are more than five murders, almost 500 car thefts, and more than 100 rapes taking place in the county every day.

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