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In Fulton County, PA, an arrest warrant search can be conducted through the judiciary or local law enforcement. You can visit the local precinct or head over to the sheriff’s office to approach the police. When talking about arrests and the issue of active warrants, it would be impossible to ignore the police’s vital role in the state’s justice processes.

Things are put into motion when the police receive a complaint about the occurrence of a criminal infraction. The matter is investigated to find the offender, and if possible, arrests are made immediately after the commissioning of the criminal act. However, offenders are not always waiting at the scene of the crime.

While some are caught when fleeing the area of their transgression, others have to be chased down. Unfortunately, the hunt is not easy as some offenders prove to be more elusive than others. This is where an arrest warrant from Fulton County can come to the rescue of the police. At this point, law enforcement does not have the authority to issue active warrants.

All detention orders must come from the court; the police merely serve all Fulton outstanding warrants just like other court directives. Along with the cops and the magistrate, the county clerk’s also has a role to play in the judicial procedure followed in issuing active warrants, so for your inquiry on such orders and arrest records. You can go to:

• The police: Fulton Co Crthse, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania 17233

• The county clerk: As below

• The court of the magistrate: 201 N 2nd St, McConnellsburg, PA 17233


Can you get details about Fulton County recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • For inmate search and data on Fulton County arrests and warrants, contact 717-485-4221.
  • For arrest records and other police reports, contact the Sheriff’s Office or Troop G of State Police at 717-485-3131.
  • For judicial records and court dockets, contact 717-485-4212.
  • For victims’ and witnesses’ assistance, contact 717-485-5419.


Crime statistics of Fulton County

Around 150 cases of property crimes and 23 cases of violent crimes were investigated by the Fulton County Police in 2018. The annual crime average was 172 incidents compared to the 138 complaints filed in 2017.

This increase was squarely attributed to a rise in the occurrences of property crimes. The annual average of this offense category went from 110 incidents in 2017 to almost 150 cases in 2018. In contrast, the rate of violent crime dipped from 28 reported incidents to 23 cases.

Fulton County, Pennsylvania, has a lower index in property and violent crime than the national average. The area’s property crime index stands at 2, while the violent crime average is at 3. However, since 2005, there has been a growth of almost 25% in the number of crimes reported in the area.

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