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While an active arrest warrant issued in Huntingdon County, PA, is not an absolute measure of guilt and all people are deemed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law, it would certainly help you know about the criminal past individual you interact with. So, instead of waiting for him/her to divulge information on outstanding warrants out in his name, go ahead conduct your very own arrest records check and warrant search.

You won’t have to go too far when seeking information on arrest warrants in Huntingdon, the local sheriff’s office has data on all criminal cases processed by them, including details on any arrest orders issued in such matters. However, the only way to request this information from them is to visit the justice agency’s office in person.

The office is situated at 241 Mifflin St, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 16652. You can also connect with them over the phone at 814-643-0880, but information about warrants will not be forthcoming through this medium of communication.

Suppose the option of visiting the police is not particularly appealing to you. In that case, this information can also be sought from the county clerk’s office and the magistrate’s court, which works out of the Huntingdon County Courthouse, 223 Penn Street, Huntingdon, PA 16652.

To speak to a magistrate representative or the clerk of court, you will need to dial 814-643-1610 for the county clerk’s office and 814-643-2740 for the magistrate’s court. These judicial agencies maintain their respective versions of the court dockets, which have all information about legal matters in the county.

Huntingdon County, PA, does not have an exceptionally high crime rate than some of the state’s more densely populated areas. The annual crime average of about 175 incidents puts the area at the end of the county list in criminal dangers. However, the fact that crime did escalate by a whopping50% over the eight years from 2001 to 2008 has given residents some cause for concern.

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