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Unless you are willing to conduct s warrant search, there is simply no way to tell if a newly made friend or appointed employee has an active arrest warrant in his/her name. It is crucial to understand that arrest warrants issued in Jefferson County, PA, are judicial detention directives that are only issued after a judge confirms that there is ample evidence against a person to give rise to probable cause for guilt.

So, if a person in your circle does have an arrest warrant out in his name, it would certainly make sense to do a bit of prodding into his/her background. To gather information on arrest records and outstanding warrants, you need only visit the local sheriff’s office. In Jefferson, this can be found on 200 Main Street, Jefferson County Courthouse, Brookville, Pennsylvania 15825.

The law enforcement officers can also be contacted over the phone at 814-849-1613 or by fax at 814-849-1614. While the police are always willing to help people interested in crime history checks, they are under no obligation to offer this information over the phone.

The justice center of Jefferson, PA, is located at the same address as the sheriff’s office. So, while you are visiting, you can also drop in at the county clerk’s office and the magistrate’s court. Both judicial entities play an integral part in the warrant and maintain all records about them in the court dockets.

How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Jefferson County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • Data on recent arrests: (814) 849-1933, ext.1.
  • Inmate records and services: (814) 849-1933, ext.3.
  • Generic details from the Sheriff’s Office: 814-849-1613
  • Details about arrest warrants and fugitives: 814-849-1622.
  • Victim-Witness Assistance: 814-849-1641.
  • County Judicial records: 814-849-1606.

Crime Statistics for Jefferson County, Pennsylvania

In 2018, the Jefferson County law enforcement agencies handled around 800 criminal complaints, which was markedly lower than the almost 950 cases investigated in 2017. Yet, the crime scenario of the area offered cause for concern.

The violent crime rate of Jefferson continued to prevail above the 400-incident level. In fact, the drop in the annual average was majorly attributed to a decrease in the rate of property crimes, which led to the filing of around 370 complaints in 2018.

Before you dismiss the need to conduct a background check on new acquaintances, it will serve you well to take a closer look at the worsening crime scenario in the county. Jefferson has seen an alarming growth of almost 100% in crime over the eight years from 2001 to 2008. So, play it safe and peep into the background of people you don’t know too well.

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