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Luzerne County, PA joins hands with the rest of Pennsylvanian counties were arrest warrants need to become active arrest warrants before the arrest and detention of an individual suspect of a crime can be completed. For these warrants to become involved, they need to be first signed by a judge in court; at the end of a straightforward procedure involving evidence verification and probable cause identification.

In Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, the local police department is responsible for gathering this evidence and the future detention and incarceration of these people whose names are on the active warrants of arrest. You might also be interested in knowing that outstanding warrants are types of active warrants that the local law enforcement officers have not yet fulfilled in Luzerne County.

This link: should help you complete a thorough and detailed online search for arrest records in this PA County. You can find out whether you or someone you know currently have active or outstanding arrest warrants in your name. You could also use this link: to find the criminal court scheduling phone numbers at the Luzerne County Court and set an appointment to gather additional information.

How do you get information about Luzerne County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • Recent arrests related details: 570-825-1590.
  • Information on active warrants: 570-820-6363.
  • Criminal case-related questions: 570-825-1848.
  • Information on Victim/Witness assistance: 570-825-1674.
  • Questions about judicial records access: 570-825-1745/ 570-825-1672.

Crime Statistics for Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

In 2018, over 9500 criminal reports were filed by the Sheriff’s Department of Luzerne County. Of the crimes reported, over 6500 were property related offenses, while almost 3,000 were cases involving crimes against persons.

The Luzerne County crime numbers provided by official statistics are about sudden spikes in crime over the last ten years, emphasizing violent crimes. The numbers speak about more than 60,000 total crimes having occurred here during the 1999-2008 decade. Around 9 percent of these crimes were considered to be violent. By doing the simple match, it is easy to see that about 6,000 crimes are happening here every passing year—the Luzerne County witnesses half of these crimes less than a mile from the victims’ homes. As for the rate of these crimes, there is a crime transpiring every 84 minutes; the array of crimes and offenses refers to more than 45 crimes. Nearly 47,000 thefts and more than 400 rapes were reported.

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