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In Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, active warrants must be signed by a sitting judge to gain their legal force in the court of law. Once this successfully occurs, and once the same judge determines a probable cause, the suspect should be located and withheld thanks to the police’s evidence. Suspects who escape the police and those who run or move to different states will have their arrest warrants turned into outstanding warrants.

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Can you access the Lycoming County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • Obtain details about active warrants by calling- 570-327-2373.
  • Access information on fugitives by calling- 570-327-2385/2287.
  • Get information on arrests and jail records by calling – 570-326-4623.
  • Get general information and register a non-emergency complaint by calling- 570-327-2200.
  • Obtain information about civil procedures, such as bench warrants by calling- 570-327-2280/570-327-2366.
  • Access information about victim’s assistance by calling 570-327-2461.
  • Get information about obtaining criminal judicial records by contacting the Clerk of Court- 570-327-2256.

Crime Statistics for Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

The Lycoming Sheriff’s Office handled a few over 2700 complaints in 2018, which was a marked improvement as compared to the almost 3500 cases handled by the police in 2017. Of these, more than 1900 were property offenses and around 800 were violent offenses.

With close to 26,000 crimes that occurred in Lycoming County, PA, between 1999 and 2008, reported crimes seems to have increased by 13 percent. Almost 6 percent of this total number of crimes was considered violent, and 94 percent were officially recorded as not having a violent nature. Close to 50 percent of these crimes were discovered to have occurred less than one mile from the victims’ dwellings. There are up to eight crimes happening daily here, which means someone falls victim to a crime every three hours. Moreover, there are more than 15 murders, 130 rapes, and close to 1,200 car thefts transpiring every day for your information.

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