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An active arrest warrant issued in McKean County, PA is a directive from the judiciary to the police explicitly mentioning that the accused be brought before the court to stand trial. Because of the involvement of several state agencies in the issue and execution of arrest warrants, itis not particularly cumbersome to find records on these detention orders.

In fact, pursuant to the Open Records Act of the state of Pennsylvania, the police as well as the judiciary will be more than happy to offer you access to arrest records. However, you will need to visit the office of these justice entities in person if you are interested in a warrant search.

From the law and order side, it is the sheriff’s office that maintains all information pertaining to active and outstanding arrest warrants. Details about warrants that remain un-served are also stored in a central FBI repository.

In terms of judicial agencies, the county clerk’s office and the magistrate’s court maintain the court dockets which have data on all cases brought before the court, both civil as well as criminal.To reach the sheriff’s department, clerk of court’s office and the magistrate’s court, drive down to 500 West Main Street, Smethport, Pennsylvania 16749.

The county clerk as well as the sheriff’s offices can also be contacted through phone at 814-887-3454 and 800-482-1280 respectively. However, information on arrest warrants is rarely provided unless you show up in person. At this point, neither agency offers the provision for an online warrant search nor a web based most wanted list on their sites.

Over the 8 year interval between 2001 and 2008, the crime scenario in McKean County, PS has steadily worsened, growing by an astounding 90% plus. This has resulted in the number of crimes reported annually going up to approximately 300 incidents as opposed to the 150 cases being lodged at the start of the decade.

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