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Provided you are interested in finding out which are the primary legal steps an arrest warrant needs to go through to become an active one, which can be issued against a specific individual in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, here is what you need to know:

Active warrants in Mercer County need to be the result of an analysis completed by a sitting judge. The research needs to focus on all of the court’s evidence by the local police officers involved in the individual criminal case’s vigilant watch. This being said, once the judge is ready to place his signature on the warrant, it will turn into an active warrant.

On the other hand, Mercer County, PA outstanding warrants cannot be legally fulfilled because the local law enforcement officers could not capture the suspects. If you are thinking about doing a warrant or a criminal arrest records search here, you can call 724.662.2700 and try to find out more information on all warrants that have been issued against your name or against the name of a person you know.

There were close to 16,000 total crimes reported during the 1999-2008 decade in Mercer County. Out of these crimes, close to 1,300 of them were considered violent. Doing some simple math, we can state that there are close to 1,600 crimes occurring in this county yearly, and around 800 of them, or 50 percent, happen less than a mile from the victims’ dwellings. Every five hours or so, someone falls victim to car theft, a robbery, or a sexual assault. There are also close to 10 murders transpiring here, close to 100 rapes, more than 12,000 thefts, and close to 700 vehicle thefts.

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