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Because the police have to formally apply for an active arrest warrant in Mifflin County, PA, not only the issuing authority- the criminal court but also the sheriff’s office has the records of all arrest warrants issued in the area. However, if you go through the police, you will only be offered information on outstanding warrants in criminal cases. In contrast, when you approach the judiciary, you can also get details on civil matters.

For contacting the sheriff’s department, you will need to call on the head office of the law enforcement agency which is situated at 8 N Main St, Lewistown, Pennsylvania 17044.To call them, just dial 717-242-1105. Remember that you will need to make a formal request for a warrant search and the results of such an inquiry are only handed over to the applicant in person.

The county clerk’s office is located at 20 N Wayne St, Lewiston, PA 17044. The magistrate’s court can also be found at this address. Both judicial bodies maintain a database of court dockets which are just a detailed account of everything that transpired through the life of a criminal or civil matter.

Once again, you can use their telephone number to speak to a representative of the office, call on 717-242-1449.However, as mentioned above, they will be reluctant to give you information pertaining to arrest records over the phone.

Before you forego the formality of conducting a background check on a new employee or acquaintance, it will help you to remember that the decade which ended in 2008 has been less than kind to Mifflin County, PA, in terms of criminal activity. The rate of crime increased by nearly 30%; this in turn led to an escalation in the number of felonies like rape and murder as well as property crimes like auto thefts.

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