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If you are searching for Monroe County, Pennsylvania arrest warrants online, you should first learn a few things about the issuing process of these warrants. This may help you at least form an opinion concerning the operation of the legal process that stands behind the records you might eventually find against your own name. A lawyer’s job will become simpler, should you be able to gather all the data you need concerning your active or outstanding warrants in Monroe County, PA.

Without any further ado, here is what you need to know concerning your potential criminal records. In order for an arrest warrant to become active, a sitting judge in Monroe County is going to have to sign it. This is only to occur when the local police provide the judge with sufficient evidence that a crime has been in fact committed. A probable cause needs to be identified by the same judge, and at the end of this process (which should be treated with extreme caution), the judge should be able to sign and issue a an active warrant against the name of the suspect.

An online search using some online criminal records databases may enable you to initiate a local search for criminal records in this county. A most wanted criminals list used to be available online. On a recent search, I could not find that list online anymore.

The 1999-2008 decade has witnessed a total number of more than 20,000 crimes in the Monroe County. More than 1,500 of these crimes were reported as being violent — that is more than 7 percent. Following some simple math, there are more than 2,000 crimes occurring on a yearly basis in this county in Pennsylvania, and around 50 percent of them take place less than a mile from the homes of the victims. There are around six victims or crimes occurring here on a daily basis, according to statistics and official crime recordings in the area. There are more than 15 murders, 200 rapes, and more than 1,000 car thefts occurring here.

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