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For arrest warrants to become active warrants in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, a judge must consider all of the evidence that has been brought before the court by local law enforcement officers and determine that the evidence justifies the issuance of a warrant. Occasionally, a lack of sufficient evidence will cause the judge to deny the warrant. Nevertheless, when a probable cause is present in the sitting judge’s opinion, he or she will issue an arrest warrant.

The local police must then execute the warrant within a time limit previously established by courts in the state of Pennsylvania. To determine if their names are included on the list of arrest warrants in Montgomery County, individuals can initiate a search for warrants of arrest. However, the records show those warrants that are still currently active but any outstanding warrants as well. This type of warrant is no longer active, having expired before local law enforcement finding the person or persons in question.

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If you need information on Montgomery County recent arrest and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • To inquire about recent arrests, call the Montgomery County Jail’s Main Office phone number- 610-635-7100 Opt. 2.
  • To make a complaint that is not an emergency, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 610-278-3331.
  • To seek details on active warrants, contact the Warrant Division at 610-278-3340.
  • To get victim/witness assistance, call the Montgomery County Victim Services- 610-278-3144.
  • To request a case search, call the Clerk of Court- 610-278-3346.

Crime Statistics for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

In 2018, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received around 18,500 criminal complaints, compared to the almost 20,200 cases handled in 2017. There were over 13,800 property offenses and around 4700 violent crimes among them.

Out of the 147,000 total crimes that have occurred in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, between 1999 and 2008, only around 12,000 of them were considered violent. More than 14,000 crimes occur here each year, at a rate of almost two crimes every 60 minutes. Nearly half of them transpire less than a mile from the victim’s home. Around 100 murders, over 10,000 motor vehicle thefts, and around 900 rapes occur in Montgomery yearly.

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