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Active warrants are undoubtedly a severe legal order to be invoked against an offender. An arrest warrant search from Montour County is an equally intense business. When you initiate such an inquiry, you are essentially petitioning justice agencies in PA to grant you access to third party crime history records.

Decisions on such essential matters as employment, licensing, immigration, and adoption are often taken based on active warrants and arrest records in the applicant’s name. So, warrant searches are treated with the due formality they call for. You can get in touch with the cops or the county’s judicial agencies to get this information.

Generally, most people think of the sheriff’s office when they need details on criminal history. Their presumption that the police will tell them about arrests and outstanding warrants from Montour County bang on. After all, law enforcement files the request for the issue of arrest warrants.

Also, they serve these orders so that they will have information on the issue of these directives as well as their execution. Along with the sheriff’s office, the county clerk’s department keeps the database of court dockets. The magistrate court, which issues all legal orders, including bench and arrest warrants, can also be contacted for such an inquiry. To get in touch with these offices, go to

  • The sheriff: 29 Mill St, Danville, Pennsylvania 17821
  • The magistrate: 29 Mill St, Danville, PA 17821
  • The clerk of court: 29 Mill Street, Danville, Pennsylvania 17821

Not an area with an exceptionally high crime rate, Montour County, Pennsylvania logs in about 170 criminal incidents per annum. About 11% of the cases received by the police are against violent criminal occurrences. However, it is property-related criminal acts that have got residents concerned. A whopping 100 cases were lodged.

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