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Arrest warrants in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, can be placed against a person whenever the local police suspect that that respective individual has committed a crime. When this occurs, the police are obliged to present a sitting judge in court with probable cause and sufficient evidence to state that an active arrest warrant should be issued.

When the sitting judge can identify a probable cause, they will sign a document that will serve as an active arrest warrant. The execution or fulfillment of this warrant will then fall into the local sheriff’s office’s hands. Provided that the local law enforcement officers fail to detain the person in question, the warrant shall turn into an outstanding warrant of arrest.

You can conduct a Northampton County, PA, warrant search and gain insight into the local arrest records in the area by visiting the local police department and paying a small fee, or you can call the Northampton County Courthouse at 610.559.3000. This link: could also turn out to be useful, provided you are interested in seeing a list of the most wanted individuals with bench warrants against them.

The slight growth in the total number of crimes throughout the 1999 to 2008 period in Northampton County, PA, is reflected with the official data from the reported criminal record statistics. There were nearly 50,000 crimes reported in this county in total, and more than 4,500 of them were considered violent. Around 2,500 crimes occur less than a mile from the victims’ homes every year here. A crime transpires every 100 minutes or so here. There are more than 45 murders, 38,000 thefts, more than 2,500 car thefts, and over 400 sexual offenses every year.

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