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Once issued, an active arrest warrant from Perry County, PA stays in effect, and the system till such time that the person in whose name it was issued is apprehended and presented before the court. So, if you believe that there is an outstanding arrest warrant against you, it would be best to deal with the situation at the earliest. Remember, there is no escaping the risk of being taken into custody that comes with the issue of arrest warrants.

While you can get information on arrest records and warrants from the police and the judiciary, this will not be the right course of action for a person who has an arrest order out in his/her name. Instead, try a third party online database, like the one that can be accessed by filling the form above.

Although these privately maintained repositories are as reliable as any official source of information on warrants, if you would like to go through the state agencies, get a friend or relative to find this information for you from one or all of the following sources:

In Perry County, the sheriff’s department sits at the Second Floor Courthouse, One Courthouse Square, New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania 17068. Remember, you will have to show up in person for a warrant search.

The county clerk: The court clerk works out of his office at 2 E Main St, Bloomfield, PA 17068. The magistrate’s office can also be found at the same address; both agencies work during business hours Monday to Friday, so it should not be too hard to make it to both offices on one visit.

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or details about warrants from Perry County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • To get information about arrests (last 24 hours), contact the Perry County Prison at 717-582-2262.
  • To get information on outstanding warrants, contact the Sheriff’s Department via phone at 717- 582-5123.
  • To learn about outstanding warrants and fugitives, call the Probation Department at 717-582-5125.
  • To get general details or to report a non-emergency, use the non-emergency dispatch line- 717-582-4311.
  • To learn more about how to get criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Court’s Office at 717-582-2131.


Crime Statistics for Perry County, Pennsylvania

From 2017 and 2018, the crime rate of Perry County decreased from over 1250 incidents to around 1100 incidents. Nearly half of all complaints filed were attributed to property crimes, at 514 cases. The annual average of violent crimes was higher than the yearly total of property crimes, with an incident rate of almost 580.

Compared to the national crime average, Perry County, PA, undoubtedly has a lower criminal activity rate. In terms of violent crime, the nationwide average is 4, while the county comes in distantly at three on a 1 to 10 scale (1 being lowest). The same also holds for property crimes; once again, Perry has a lower theft rate, carjacking, burglary, and arson.

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