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For an arrest warrant to be issued in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, the police must have evidence that a crime has been committed. The officers involved in the case must then present probable cause in front of a sitting judge, along with sufficient supporting evidence, after which an arrest warrant can be issued and placed against the respective person. The warrant then needs to be signed by the same judge to become an active arrest warrant. Once this occurs, the warrant will be kept by the local police.

If you’d like to find out whether there is a warrant of arrest in your name in Philadelphia County, you can do so by going to the local police department and paying a small fee for the information. You could also visit this link and check out a complete criminal database. Even in the absence of an active warrant, it may still be possible to discover an outstanding warrant against your name, which has expired.

Outstanding warrants are no longer active because too much time has passed without finding the person in question. These types of warrants could also be located by merely visiting the local Philadelphia County Sheriff’s Department and having a police officer search through local police arrest records.

Can you get any information pertaining to Philadelphia County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Connect with the Philadelphia Department of Prisons if you want to know about recent arrests- (215) 685-8394/95/96.
  • Contact the dispatch phone line to make a non-emergency complaint-311
  • Call the Warrant Unit for information on arrest warrants- (215) 685-8394.
  • Connect with the Department of Records for police reports and arrest records- (215) 685-8394.
  • Call the Victim’s Advocate to access Victim/Witness Services- 215-686-8027.
  • Contact the Clerk of Circuit Court for judicial records and a case search- 215-683-7700.

Crime Statistics for Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Nearly 104,000 criminal complaints were handled by Philadelphia Police in 2018, which was slightly higher than the 103,500 cases received in 2017.  Of the complaints made, around 65,000 were filed against property crimes, while violent crimes led to the filing of fewer than 39,000 cases.

Over 850,000 crimes have been reported between 1999 and 2008 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, out of which more than 200,000 of them were reported as being violent. This county is also confronted with more than 85,000 crimes each year, with half of them occurring less than a mile from the victim’s home. As per local crime statistics over here, a crime occurs every 5 minutes on average. There are almost 10,000 rapes and more than 3,000 murders occurring here each year. In terms of automobile thefts, more than 130,000 thefts are being reported.

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