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For an active arrest warrant in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, the police must present relevant information in a writ to the local criminal court. Because a warrant for arrest can only be issued based on probable cause, the law enforcement agency must highlight all case-related facts and evidence that point to the person’s complicity in question.

The warrant can be issued in response to a complaint from the local justice agency, the DA’s office, or even the victim. The critical factor here is that the evidence in the matter should be enough for the eventual filing of accusatory charges against the individual.

Because arrests in criminal matters are time-sensitive, warrants are issued round the clock. Once handed over to peace officers, the order can be executed at any time and in any place. For instance, once members of the sheriff’s department procure the warrant, they can force their way into the accused’s house or office to arrest him/her, which can be done at any odd hour.

However, not all warrants are promptly executed, and there can be many reasons for this. However, the one thing that holds is that an arrest order of this nature does not expire. If pending, it is stored in a central database as an outstanding warrant.

When information is offered to the public at large about criminal records, details are disseminated about any outstanding warrants in an individual’s name. If ever, Rarely will the sheriff’s department be open to providing details on active warrants to non-legal entities.

So, if you want to know if an acquaintance has a criminal past, you can approach the office of the justice agency in person at 111 East Union St Suite 100, Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501.

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From 1999 to 2008, the level of crime has gone up by almost 60% in Somerset County, PA. At the start of the decade, only about 20 reports of violent crime were being filed in the area, annually but by 2008, this had increased to nearly 40. While the figure was still relatively low compared to some other parts of the state, experts believe that the police will need to take decisive and quick action to prevent the crime rate from increasing further.

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