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Why stop at just rummaging through the sex offender registry when hiring someone to take care of your child or an elderly parent when you can just as efficiently conduct a warrant search? A look at an individual’s arrest records and a search for any outstanding arrest warrants from Susquehanna County, PA, issued in his/her name will help you make a safer hiring decision.

An active arrest warrant is nothing but a court order to the police to arrest a particular individual because there is probable cause in the matter to believe that he/she was indeed responsible for a criminal act. Because the magistrate’s court is the judicial entity that hands over the detention decree to the police, it would be best to start at this judicial agency when looking for information on arrest warrants.

To reach the magistrate’s court, drive down to 61 Church St, Montrose, PA 18801 at the office make a formal request for warrant related data about the subject of your inquiry. While you can inquire about the exact procedure for conducting such a search by calling the agency on 570-278-4600, except for the very basic, no information will be relayed over the phone.

Your next stop in your quest for information on an individual’s criminal past should be the county clerk’s office. They are responsible for recording all legal happenings, be they civil or criminal, in the court dockets.

To visit the clerk of court’s office, find your way to Susquehanna County Courthouse, 11 Maple St, Montrose, PA 18801. You can also call them on 570-278-4600, but they will be as reluctant as the other state agencies to divulge warrant related information on the phone.

Finally, remember that the court services division of the local sheriff’s office requests the issue of warrants and receives the order from the magistrate for execution. So, also visit this justice agency when looking for background data. They are located at Crthse Public Ave, Montrose, Pennsylvania 18801.

The current annual rate of crime in Susquehanna County, PA, stands at a mere average of about 160 incidents per annum. This translates to less an adventure every 48 hours. Over the ten years starting in 1999, there has been a decrease of almost 290% in the county’s crime figures.

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