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Not just a criminal conviction but also all types of arrest records will last in the system forever. Information on an active arrest warrant issued in Tioga County, PA, is stored at multiple levels in the criminal history database.

The judicial entity that issues arrest warrants, the sheriff’s department that executes the order, and the county clerk’s office that maintains court dockets also have all data about outstanding warrant issues. So, if you are interested in a warrant search, you can approach one or all of these state agencies depending on the type of information you need and how you intend to use this data.

Remember, all three agencies will have to be visited in person to access warrant and arrest records. Although all offices’ contact numbers are mentioned below, most officials are reluctant to offer any details on criminal history over the phone.

The sheriff’s department works out of the law enforcement agency’s head office at 116 Main St, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania 16901, and their telephone number is 570-724-3491. While the department does maintain an official website at the time of writing this article, they offered no provisions for an online warrants search or even a list of the most wanted criminals in the area.

To visit the county clerk’s office, you will need to find your way to 118 St and visit the County Courthouse in Wellsboro, PA, 16901-1444. Many justice centers have public access kiosks connected to state-maintained crime databases that can be accessed through these terminals. The magistrate’s court can also be found at the same address, and with similar working hours, you should be able to get to both on the same day.


Is it possible to acquire information from Tioga County on recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)       

  • To ask about Tioga County arrests- 570-724-5911
  • To ask about warrants and arrests that involve the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office-
  • To inquire about the outstanding warrants and arrests handled by various law enforcement offices-
  1. Blossburg Police Department: 570-638-3134
  2. Elkland Police Department: 814-258-5419
  3. Gaines PD: 814-435-1133
  4. Lawrence Police: 570-827-0212
  5. Lawrenceville PD: 570-827-2000
  6. Osceola Police: 814-258-5301
  7. Wellsboro Police: 570-724-4400
  8. Westfield PD: 814-367-2769
  • To get information about victim services- 570-724-1350
  • To obtain police reports, accident reports, arrest records, and criminal records-
  • To request a case search- 570-724-9281.


Crime statistics of Tioga County

Through 2017 and 2018, the Tioga County Police filed approximately 420 criminal complaints per year. The reported offenses included around 360 property crimes. The category comprised 209 larceny thefts, 123 burglaries, and 24 motor vehicle thefts. While there was little movement in the annual average of property crime in these two years, the violent crime rate soared by nearly 22% to reach a yearly rate of almost 70 cases.

In the ten years from 1999 to 2008, crime rates in Tioga County, PA, have gone up by over 60%. On average, almost 4300 criminal complaints were filed during this period, which can be calculated to an annual crime average of nearly 400 incidents. Although only one criminal occurrence is reported in the area every day, the fact that more than half of these crimes take place when the victim is just a mile from his home or office is what raises serious concerns.

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