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An active arrest warrant from Warren County, PA, can come to haunt you even years after its issue. Many people assume that if they give an outstanding arrest warrant enough time, it will be removed from the system. However, this misconception has the potential to land them in a lot of trouble.

Even a routine traffic stop means that the peace officer in charge will run the individual’s name stopped through a central database listing all arrest warrants issued across the country. So, if you suspect that there might be such an arrest order out in your name, it would be prudent to tackle it at once with the help of an attorney.

To find out, you will need to send either your attorney or a friend to gather this information from either of the state agencies mentioned below:

The sheriff’s department: Often the first place to stop when conducting a warrant search, the police maintain all arrest records for the county because they are entrusted with executing the warrants and processing the suspects before taking them to court. The sheriff’s office is situated at 407 Market St, Warren, Pennsylvania 16365.

The county clerk’s office: The magistrate’s court and the office of the clerk of court are both situated in the county courthouse. However, the county clerk’s team also has an official website, and they offer an online search tool for arrest records on http://warren.countycriminal.com/court-records-search/PA.

The magistrate’s office: The sitting magistrate of the criminal court in the county releases the arrest warrant in response to a formal request filed by the police. So, the office of the judge maintains all records about it. You can reach this judiciary branch at the Warren County Courthouse, 204 Fourth Avenue, Warren, PA 16365.


How can I get arrest records and warrant details from Warren County over the phone? (Expires in 2021)    

  • Details about arrests can be found by calling 814-723-7553
  • Details about active warrants and an arrest report can be requested by calling
  1. Warren City PD: 814-723-6300
  2. Sheriff’s Department of Warren County: 814-723-7553
  3. PA State Police: 814-728-3600
  • Judicial data such as case records and court dockets can be requested by calling 814-728-3440.
  • Incident report and arrest report can be requested by calling
  • Victim’s assistance can be requested by calling 814-728-3468


Crime statistics of Warren County

The annual crime average of Warren County stood at 600 incidents in 2018. Property crimes clocked around 478 cases, of which more than 360 were larceny thefts and around 100 were burglaries. In the violent crimes category, nearly 122 complaints were filed, of which almost 100 were against matters of assault. 

There crime rate of Warren County has almost doubled since 1999; at the time of writing this article, nearly 600 complaints were being lodged with the police each year. In almost half of these cases, the victim gets targeted when he/she is very close to his home or workplace.

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