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In order for arrest warrants to become active warrants in York County, PA, they first need to be signed by a sitting judge. This can only occur when the judge has been presented with a complementary number of data and evidence that can prove the guilt of the person in question. The evidence needs to be attentively supplied by the local police officers that have handled the respective case.

If all of these steps successfully occur and the judge decides to sign the papers, the next step of the process will see that the York County law enforcement officers try to capture and detain the person in question whose name is on the active warrant of arrest. Similar to other counties in Pennsylvania, an arrest warrant that is active in York County becomes an outstanding warrant if the individual at whom the warrant is directed is not found, and the warrant cannot be served.

If you want to do a York County, PA arrest records search, you can visit this link: http://prothysearch.york-county.org/ProthyNGSearch/ and see the current inmates detained at the York County prison. You can also see a list of the most wanted criminals in the county. However, checking out outstanding warrants cannot be done online, but you can visit the local sheriff’s department and have a police officer search through their records in exchange of a fee. You can also call the warrant division at 717.771.2496.

More than 60,000 crimes have transpired in York County, Pennsylvania over the 1999 to 2008 timeframe, and around 7 percent of these crimes fell into the category of violent crimes. More than 3,000 crimes out of the 6,000 crimes that occur each year in this county happen to victims less than one mile from their dwellings. Here in this county, every 80 minutes a person becomes the victim of a crime, which may be rape or theft. In terms of statistics, there were over 70 murders, more than 450 sexual assaults, and over 50,000 thefts. There are more than 3,000 car thefts transpiring in York County each year.

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