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Court dockets from Allegheny County are usually sought when an applicant needs details on a specific case. However, it cannot be ignored that court documents can also help to form a background profile of a person. In fact, most people who go in for a case search are trying to find the criminal records in the name of their subject or any civil litigations that can help them to decide on whether they should be associating with this individual or not.

Judicial records are maintained by two sources within the legal network of the area; the courts and the clerk of court’s office. There is some confusion about the role played by the latter in judicial processes. Unlike the tribunals that deliberate on civil and criminal cases brought forth by civilians and the state, the county clerk’s office has the job of keeping judicial records for Allegheny County, PA.

The deputies of this agency function in the background and ensure that the judicial machinery gets all the information it needs, as and when required. Furthermore, the agency handles requests for court documents that come from other state entities, including criminal justice offices and also from civilians.

When launching a case search in Allegheny County, you can take your pick between conducting the inquiry online or through the office of a judicial agency. Once again, as far as personal visits are concerned, you can go to the clerk of court’s department or a tribunal.

If you choose to find judicial records over the internet, an official site like can be of great help. You will either need the name of the litigant or the docket no of the case to initiate the inquiry. Another way is to simply head down to the Common Pleas Court which is at 436 Grant St, Rm 114, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 or to the office of the clerk of court which can be found at 414 Grant St, City County Bldg, Civil/Family, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.