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It is possible to launch a case search for Buck County, PA over the internet. You get the option to find judicial records from the Magistrate’s Court as well as the Court of Common Pleas. Furthermore, you can also seek court documents that pertain to probate matters; only information on adoption and juvenile crimes is considered confidential and will not be released without an order from a tribunal.

It is also possible to look for Bucks County court dockets by approaching a judicial entity in person or by writing to the concerned office. There are two locations in the area that will serve up judicial records on demand; the Court of Common Pleas and the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Although these offices work out of different locations, the information they can hand out is almost the same. Yet, people prefer to get in touch with the office of the county clerk for inquiries that pertain to civil and criminal cases. One of the reasons for this is that they get to use the public service terminals for their investigations instead of relying on the deputies of the agency.

So, the end results includes more data given free of charge unless you want to take it back home with you in printed form. The Bucks County clerk of court’s department works out of 55 E Court St, Doylestown, PA 18901 and they have court dockets on file that date back to 1980. To conduct your Bucks County case search online, try the following websites:
• http://www.buckscounty.org/Courts/CourtServices
• https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/docketsheets.aspx
• https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/docketsheets.aspx

To connect with the Court of Common Pleas, you can visit the judicial entity at 55 E Court St, Bucks County Courthouse, Doylestown, PA 18901. Remember, this tribunal will not have information on matters that pertain to traffic violations, small claims and cases handled by the Magistrate’s and other courts.