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If you would like to find out whether there is an active PA arrest warrant in your name, you have reached the right spot. Know that having an active warrant means a Pennsylvania sheriff or police officer will be authorized to put you under arrest at any given moment in time. Stopping due to a traffic ticket for speeding on the highway could get you in jail, if the warrant that has been issued against your name is discovered during while checking your details. Remember that all traffic stopping or employment-related procedures involve the verification of one’s criminal record.

PA active warrants are arrest warrants that have not yet been served by the legal authorities in the state. They can change into outstanding warrants, if time passes by and the warrant is not served. A Police report needs to be filed before these warrants can turn into active warrants. The report needs to be brought to a sitting judge or magistrate who has the power to determine the existence of a probable cause. If such a probable cause is to be identified, the warrant will be issued against the suspect’s name. All suspects are to be considered not guilty until proven otherwise at the end of a fair trial. If arrested, the suspects will need to be proven guilty or innocent in a Pennsylvanian court of law. Like stated before, even after their arrest these offenders will still be considered innocent.

Active warrant of arrest in the state of PA will remain on file, until the individual will be eventually arrested. Finding out if you have an active warrant for your arrest is not hard to do. All you need to do is go online and find the contact information for the sheriff’s office in the county you are interested in. You can then directly contact the county sheriff’s office via phone or fax and even email. The records department that most sheriffs’ offices host should be able to inform you about the existence or absence of a warrant. You might be also invited to personally visit the sheriff’s office and pay a fee in exchange for this information. If there is an active warrant of arrest on your name, you will most likely be detained on the spot. So after making this inquiring by the telephone, you should first contact a lawyer and establish what your next action will be. Settling your warrant is the best recommendation you should be following.