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The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is a state prison system spanning Pennsylvania. If you are about to do some time in a PA state facility or a person close to you is soon to be incarcerated within this state, check out the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections official web site at

First off, you can visit this page and check out the PA DOC Virtual Visitation Program. This program is currently being hosted by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, in cooperation with the renowned Scotland Yard Security Services.  The Virtual Visitation Program enables inmates who are incarcerated far away from their residences to receive visits by the means of videoconferencing. There are three Virtual Visitation Centers that are now available for visitors: Philadelphia, PA, the Allegheny Business Center, 2243 W. Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19132, 215.320.5510, Pittsburgh, PA, 5001 Baum Blvd, Suite 410, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, 412.687.4851 and Erie, PA, The Booker T. Washington Center, 1720 Holland Street, Erie, PA 16503, 814.455.1097 or 1098. You can also choose to call the Scotland Yard Toll Free number for extra information: 877.658.8474

You shall be able to use the Virtual Visitation Program at the following facilities: Albion, Dallas, Muncy, Cambridge Springs, Greene, Pine Grove, Coal Township and Mahanoy. If an inmate decided to be a part of the program, he or she will need to formulate a request and address it to the Facility’s Virtual Visitation Facility Coordinator. The Coordinator will then provide the inmate with a information pack related to the respective program, which will have the policy of the program. After he or she will be admitted in the program, the inmate will need to sign an agreement clearly stating that he or she will abide by the policy. The persons that are on the approved visiting list of the inmate will then be able to make their virtual visits. Also, approved visitors have the option of personally calling Scotland Yard and scheduling an appointment. Even though there are no official limits imposed, the visiting rooms can comfortably host 4 adults and 2 children. Both children and infants are encouraged to come to these visits – under attentive adult supervision, of course – as long as they bring an ID such as a birth certificate or a social security card.

Adult visitors who are already on the approved visitors’ lists also need to bring along an ID, including one featuring a photo. The failure to bring one of the following will lead to the refusal of the visit: driver’s license, non-driver IDs, medical insurance card, voter registration card, passports or simple photo IDs. Visitors are also encouraged to arrive 15 minutes earlier to the scheduled time, in order to complete all of the paperwork that will be required.

You should also visit this page and check out some additional information on how to successfully complete a form concerning a centralized clearance request for access to DOC facilities.

Emailing inmates can be done starting the 1st of May, 2010 under the surveillance of the PA Department of Corrections with the help of the platform. This platform is currently being used for electronically sending funds to inmates, as well as sending emails to them. All money order deposits are required to contain the following information, which needs to be clearly typed so that the money can be placed in the right inmate’s account:

  • Correct inmate ID number;
  • Inmate name;
  • The name and address of the sender.

The lock box is solely for money orders and personal belongings will not be accepted. Also, if the JPay service cannot determine who the money order belongs to, it will hold the money until this information can be properly verified.