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How to find Pennsylvania prison inmate information

Prior to initiating your search for finding information on PA inmates, you need to find out if you need to be searching for the inmate in a state prison or one in a county jail. If you need to take your search criteria and match them with a state prison, you should use the Inmate Locator that is being offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. You can find the inmate locator here

This search tool will enable you to quickly enter the criteria required to complete your search for an inmate inside the Pennsylvania state prison. If you are experiencing some difficulties in locating an inmate, you can try searching with just the last name of the inmate. First, middle and last name, inmate number, sex, race, county where the crime was committed, location, citizenship, date of birth or age are the primary search criteria that you may use to find the information you are looking for. You will also be allowed to sort your results by name, inmate number, race, location, date of birth and county. When you are all done selecting the criteria you have information of, click on the “Find Inmate” button and wait for the results to be displayed. For instance, a blank search sorted only by gender (female) shows up a list of 2,821 matches. In other words, there are total 2,821 female inmates currently serving time in the Pennsylvanian state prisons. Also, if the name that you need to search for is nowhere to be found, you can click the inmate number below and inspect through a list of the inmates’ aliases. Plus, clicking on the inmate number will enable you to inspect the details of the respective inmate. There are currently a total of 51,123 inmates incarcerated in the state prisons of PA.

The Inmate Locator is a complex database containing information on all currently incarcerated inmates that are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections. This excellent tool is can be used to precisely find out where an inmate is being housed. It can also display additional important information such as the inmate’s race or date of birth and inmate number. However, according to the official Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, the information that is found here is not a 100% indicator of the actual location of the inmate. He or she might be receiving some special treatment somewhere else, in a different state correctional facility. This database does not contain such information. As a matter of fact, you should also keep in mind that the information posted there is to be considered limited, so it can be compliant with the Pennsylvania Criminal History Record Information Act, 18 Pa. C.S.A. Section 9101 et seq. This Act carefully limits the nature of the criminal justice information that can and will be offered to the public.

Therefore, if you are searching for an inmate in a PA county jail, you should get in touch with the sheriff’s department you are interested in. As long as you are aware of the county where the crime was committed, you will be able to make some inroads.

How can I use information about Pennsylvania inmates?

Information about PA inmates can prove to be highly useful to find people that were in your past, and to see if they are in prison, know where and how to visit them, complete background checks when you need to hire someone you can even be check if the person you want hire has a criminal background.

Pennsylvania Statistical Information about Inmates and Crime

The Office of Planning, Research & Statistics directs the continual planning, research, statistics and also grants activities of the department. It coordinates research initiatives and prepares planning and research reports based on databases from the correctional facilities. It also implements certain prison standards and guidelines and tries to identify new and effective correctional methods. The Office is also responsible for the preparation of research models, the collecting and analysis of data and the sending of recommendations. Budget documents, monthly population reports, simple reports, research in review or reentry information are all made available on the official Pennsylvania Department of Corrections web site Updated 2000-2012 reports and databases are also found there.