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The Philadelphia County clerk of Courts department can be approached for information on criminal as well as civil cases. Deputies from this agency work towards collecting case records for inclusion in the repository of court dockets, regardless of the type of litigation and the court that hears it.

To put it simply, this agency has the carte blanche when it comes to judicial records from Philadelphia County, PA. The deputies of the county clerk are not only responsible for assimilating court documents and other information pertaining to a case, but also they are in charge of storing this data in a central repository.

They also hold information on old cases which is kept in hardcopy. The transition of the court dockets system into a computerized network was brought about by this agency. So, if you are interested in a Philadelphia County case search, it is understandable why the clerk of court’s office should be the very first place you visit.

Although there are a number of benefits to connecting with the judicial entity in person, many prefer to take a simpler and quicker approach to conducting such inquiries. In Philadelphia County, court dockets can be accessed on two websites:

The public terminal network in the local judicial center is connected to the same database as the websites. In both cases, you can find case information from 1980 onwards through the computer and earlier judicial records on microfiche. If you are seeking court documents from Philadelphia that are linked to a criminal matter, you will need a signed release from the subject to access these.

The clerk of court’s office is located at City Hall, Room #154, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106. The Municipal Court can also be contacted for information on civil and criminal cases. The courtrooms of this tribunal work out of the justice center at 1301 Filbert St, #310, Philadelphia, PA 19107.